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Tyranny of Dragons: Session 2

I grow tired of these despicable kobolds.

I can’t even remember how many times they and their lizard masters have set upon us since my last entry.  Four?  Eight?

The villagers we rescued on the outskirts had a bit of a hidden lair.  That was their story.  It was actually a small weapons cache hidden by simple but clever enchantment.  The problem was, once the enchantment was dispelled by the woman, we found ourselves out in the open again.  We took a brief rest, had a brief strategy session, and decided to approach the keep by night, staying to the swamp around the river until we broke cover for the keep itself.  We tried not to think about the Dragon above.

As we had been cautioned, many of the other refugees from the town flocked to us as we went, encumbering our stealthy journey.  I wish now that we had had the foresight to bring along some further arms so they could be put to use.  As it was, we lost several of them in the journey.  I cannot bring myself to grieve for them, these wretches who did little to save themselves until forced.

The last battle we fought before the keep was nearly our end.  The warriors among us continued to fight well— the dwarf seems made to smash in the skulls of the lizard beasts, but they all fell, one by one, even as the kobolds flanked the elf and myself.  I was able to dodge many an attack from the foul things, but one managed to slip through my guard and slice my belly.  He paid for his effort, and I will ensure that the rest of his scaly kind does as well.

The townsfolk eventually rose up to the aid of their would-be rescuers, and we did gain entrance to the Keep itself, where we now rest, recover, and await some further word on the actual happenstances of this besieged town.

I wait now for my Destiny to appear.  I can smell that she is close, and the air does crackle with electricity.  She comes.

Tyranny of Dragons: Session 1

Awoke to find strangers in our makeshift camp.  Apparently my Guardian made friends during his Watch.  Better than his usual company, I imagine. A strange lot– a hooded elf, a red-bearded dwarf, and a human bearing the sigil of Dol Dorn.  We walked in silence at daybreak, heading ever towards Greenest, which seems to all of our destinations.  Can’t help but think there is more safety in numbers, but I’ll have my eye on the newcomers, Sarrek as well.
Set upon by a group of what I can only call kobolds given their resemblance to the dragon-kin beasts I’ve read of.  They were leading (or perhaps being led by?) a large lizard-beast.  We opened with crossbows as we advanced on the ambush party.  The kobolds carried slings which they used on us to some effect before the Dol Dorn and Bloodrune closed the distance.  I tried to use the incantation I learned from Her, but it appears I still need to work on my aim, though the blast did send a rush through me as it cast out, so I know I spake the words correct and made the sigil as taught.  The lizard beast leaped upon the Dol Dorn, and bit the Bloodrune, and the two sword-bearers set upon it, killing it even as they themselves were brought low.  The kobolds left, apparently demoralised at the loss of their pet or master.  We camped during the day to let those laid low come to, then decided to march through the night.
Our attempt to avoid discovery under cover of night did not go well.  First we were joined by a rough-looking sort.  Mikhael he said his name was, a bounty hunter with a dragonslayer in his ancestry.  Bah.  I’ve heard better tales than that told by drunkards.  Still, I wonder how much of that he actually believes, and how it might be useful…
A group of robed individuals came toward us on the road from Greenest even as we marched and asked whether we “came to help.”  Our hesistation did nothing to appease them, and they opened attack at us.  Again, we sniped at them from afar, but they blew some odd type of horn and we were soon flanked by missile attacks from both sides.  We pressed onwards, fearing large forces closing from the sides, hoping to push through the robed ones (monks or cultists of some sort perhaps?) and move further down the road to a more advantageous position.  Once the robed ones faced defeat however, one of them made an Invokation, and then all of them burst suddenly into flames, including those assailing us from the sides of the road.  It turned out to just be two of them on our flanks, one on either side.  Interesting how they were able to give the appearance of larger numbers with such a small threat.  I’ll remember that trick.
We pressed onwards, hoping now to gain Greenest as quickly as possible and put these miserable grasslands behind us.  I, for one, could certainly use a night in a bed not made of earth, and I have not seen… or touched Destiny in several days now.  I imagine Sarrek wouldn’t turn down of wine-soaked debauchery, as well.  I don’t know about the newcomers.  Yet.  Further along the road, we spied a cart.  The elf crept forward to investigate, and I Touched his Minde as taught to encourage him to look at the barrels and drivers. He found the drivers had had their throats slit, but no evidence lay about as to what had been in the now empty barrels nor who had slain the drivers.  We moved on, following the road.
Next we found a weeping woman and he mate, him digging what could only be a grave for his offspring laying nearby in heaps.  The two of them were bloodied, and as we approached, the woman took a dagger and turned it upon herself, even as Sarrek dove toward her.  To stop her?  Help her?  Farugar, the Dol Dorn, aided the man in his grim work as Sarrek and the others looked on.  The survivor did not appear able to speak, and we did see signs that he was deafened and had Tounge cut out by whoever attacked him and his family.  I was able to use the Touch again and get some nods and head shakes from him in replie to my Questioning.  It appears the robed ones were behind this misery, as well.  Before allowing us to be on our way, the man implored us to use the same dagger on him which his wife used to slay herself.  I don’t think any of us wanted to become more entangled in his plot, but Mikhael, that noble Dragonslayer (oh, you are too droll), took the mans life, tossing the pittance he was offering into the very grave he had just dug, along with his corpse.  Interesting..  But cannot but thinke that She will be disappointed that it was not I who drew the blood from the pathetic derelict.

Didn’t make much of it, but I did pause to wonder– there are five of them with me now… ten eyes.  But those in the Dream were different.  Still, dreams can be deceitful, so I will keep close Watch.  I don’t want to miss one of Her signs, but nor do i want to midReade…

Full of interesting people and sights, this journey is.  Next we found a hunter who had spied us from miles away thanks to a hunting bird he had sent up.  He was helpful enough, feeding us and allowing us to rest at his camp.  His tale was simple, if true.  A local hunter living off the land.  He was finding it harder and harder to get supplies from Greenest.  The town is apparently lost now, both within and without assailed, but by whom or what, I don’t think he even knew.  Well-fed, we would have set out again, but for a strange occurrence…  A strange drowse set upon our limbs and minds, that is, if the others were as affected by the same… sorcery?  as I was.  We could not overcome it, but upon waking we found ourselves in loss of half a day, but we were now near to our destination.

Greenest is burning.  Set upon by assailants inside and out, just as the Hunter told, but most impressive– a Dragon!  Scales of blue, just as in the Ars Draconica from the temple library showed.  The Beast was whirling at the keep at center of Town.  A Glorious and Terrible sight to beholde.  I can only think that I am drawing nearer to that which She and They are sending me towards.  How else to achieve greatness, after all, than to draw oneself closer to Great Beings and Events.
Entering the town.  More kobolds.  We were able to intercept a group of them harassing some villagers.  Without a beastly pet, however, these were more easily swept aside.  And I write this now as the others tend to the pitiful viktims.  Maybe they can show us to a safer part of town in which we can find some respite, a drink, and I can get on with my Destiny.  It has been too long, and I have growne anxious.